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Over the next two weeks, join us as we pray and seek God.
The search for a building doesn’t begin with estate agents and internet searches. The search for our next location shouldn’t begin with crime statistics and financial analysis.
These things are important.
And they’re good.

But we’ve been looking for a building the wrong way.
The search for our next location begins with God.
Seeking Him. Trusting Him.

So let’s do it right.

Over the next two weeks, we’ve put together a prayer guide. Every day, there’ll be a passage of the scripture. Some reflections, and then a prayer.

But it’s not about the prayer guide, it’s about gathering as brother and sister, praying and seeking God’s glory. So pray on your own. Pray together. Pray with your family. Pray in your congregations. Adore. Confess. Thank. And Ask.

Cause this building isn’t about us, and our place. It’s about God, his glory, his place.

Season of Prayer Eng-Canto.pdf (430 downloads)
Season of Prayer Eng-Mando.pdf (507 downloads)

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