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Every year, round about November time, we as a church like to be part of the global project run by Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child. It’s a great activity to be part of. And this year, they were aiming to have a million boxes to be sent to not-so-priviledged Children for Christmas.

In light of the recent media coverage concerning the refugees in Europe, and even as a church we have been following the news, praying and supporting them.. We thought, there’s even more reason for us to support Samaritan’s Purse, who have been active in helping those in crisis. Perhaps some of the christmas boxes we’ve made will be sent to bless a refugee child, blessing them with some useful tools, or just provide some entertainment? We can only pray this will be so.

This year, at the BCEC, we received 60 christmas shoeboxes! And we want to personally thank everyone who contributed either through a box, or your financial donations! Thank you! We know your generosity has not gone unnoticed!

Our teens from our youth group iD had the honours of checking, double checking and triple checking all boxes on Sunday. They had a fun time pretending to be like the airport security people, while having christmas music playing in the background! And even down to folding origami envelops to enclose £3 in each of the boxes! (Thanks iDeas for all your hard work!!! Having 25 folks check 2-3 boxes each certainly sped up the process! So thanks for making it happen!)

Don’t you love it when things all work out well for God’s glory?

And not only that, those shoeboxes have gotten some of us in the mood for Christmas!

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