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I don’t know about you, but my favourite Pixar/Disney movie has to be “Inside Out”. It’s knocked off all the others (and that’s saying something! I mean I loved the incredibles, nemo, monsters inc etc. but still!)
Inside Out, without giving away too many spoilers, was soooooo good. Why? Because it had a huge emphasis on emotions, changes in life and family. The above image shows of one my favourite scenes in the film, and yeah, it was proper waterworks for me, the two times I saw it in the cinema. (Can’t wait for it to be out on DVD now! I predict more waterworks!)

I think a lot of the time, the family dynamics break down when one key component is missing: communication. I’ve learnt first hand that communication is key in all aspects of relationships. Friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships. Communication is the top priority. And more so in family.

Yes it’s true. We can pick our romantic partners, our friends, but we can’t pick family members. That’s why it’s all the more important to keep communicating with family members. Even if what they say (or do) aggravate you. And that’s why I love the film Inside Out. There’s a lot to learn about communication in that film.

In the bible it says to the children, to honour your mother and father for it pleases the Lord. It tells husbands to love their wives. Wives to submit to their husbands. Fathers do not exasperate your children. Older women teach the younger women. Older men teach the younger men. (sorry for paraphrasing. It’s in the bible somewhere!). And while it’s all fair and square to say these things. It can be hard to do these things. But I do know communication helps.

I’ve seen how devastating it can be when there’s communication breakdown. People assume things because the other person didn’t say anything. Things get bitter and ugly. People demand answers, but the other party refuses. It can become violent and lethal. And it builds up over the years and the family becomes dysfunctional. What can I say, communication from the start helps. Communication with each other, and first and foremost, communication with our God. There is so much power when the family is praying. Corporately together as a family and privately. Although I come from a non-Christian family, (and some of you might also), I still think it’s vital for you to be a good witness and keep praying for your family.

Anyway. I think I’ll end this blog post with a prayer for the families.


Father God, you are our father, in whom we can turn to time and time again. You are our faithful Father who knows all of us, inside out. We come to you and pray for all the families in our church and outside of our church walls. We pray for unity, for peace, for love. 

We pray for the fathers to lead their families out of love, pray that the fathers teach their children the way of the Lord, and love their wives just as Christ loves the church.
We pray for the mothers to know how to teach and train their children, though the proverbs 31 wife is so hard to achieve, we know Father You can help where and when needed. 
We pray for both mother and father to be able to function as a loving team in raising their children up, pray for wisdom as they instruct and teach. Pray for your Holy Spirit’s guidance as they grow together in their marriage and in parenting. May they know how to support one another, and to support and provide help to their children–while at the same time, I pray the parents know when to let go and trust You while You teach their children things too. 

And Lord we commit the sons and daughters to You. May they walk in your ways and know how much You love them. Although many children need to learn much in life, we pray there will be a healthy balance of following and independence when it comes to learning how to live-to learn how to grow and mature with the help of parents, yet learn how to become good followers of You away from their parents also. 

And we pray for those without immediate family members close by. Pray for those individuals to be adopted and be part of an extended family. We thank you that we all can be adopted into Your wonderful loving family. May we never forget that You are our Father, the one in whom we turn to and trust.

Lord we do not know how to live. But may You guide us all individually and corporately, through Your power, strength and might. Be merciful as we learn and grow, learning from our mistakes. Be ever gracious and forgiving Lord. We thank you for loving us and saving us. May we be better communicators, with each other and with You. Through Your Precious son’s blood and name we pray. Amen.

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