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Every Christmas, at the BCEC we have our Christmas Special Service. And as always, our youth group iD write, film and put together a video. This year, we had Sam help out, and yep, iD videos have gone up a whole new level! But here’s the written script of what we said in the video, followed with the video itself for your viewing pleasure. It’s too good to keep it a secret 😉

You’ve always been searching for something.
Something that sets you apart.
To be someone who has significant meaning in life.
To do things that are really exciting to you.
You find yourself naturally reaching out, experimenting. Learning. Growing.
But sometimes you wonder, what is the meaning of it all?
You can dream, imagine, envision what you can do in life.
But surely there’s got to be more than this?
Surely we were made for a purpose.
For a significant reason.
For something greater.
For something bigger.
Is there more to life than this?
God. It’s God.
It’s God who planted in you, your desire.
Your desire to do something significant.
We’ve all been given our own unique talents, gifts and dreams.
We’re all made with a purpose.
To be connected to God’s grand design.
His great story.
His great plan in life.
God has given you and me a plan for something great.
A purpose for something more.
To be an impact on the world.
To play a part in someone’s life.
To be part of creating history.
But what if, just what if, we add God into the equation of our lives?
To give God the credit. To bring God the glory.
To love God and be loved by God.
To serve him rather than be served.
What will you do with the things you’ve been given?
Will you be used by Him for His glory?
Will you follow God now that he has called you to live a life of purpose?
God sent his son Jesus with one purpose in mind: to die in our place, so we don’t have to.
His mission was to save us. Lead us. And love us.
Will you rise up and be used by him?
Will you follow after the calling God has placed on your life?

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