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I’m sorry. I’ve just come out of hibernation (Ok. Well not really. Just a hiatus from blogging). What? It’s 2016 already! My my!

So our awesome pastor Bert has introduced to our congregation/church, the annual theme of “His Kingdom Come”, an epic theme–as divinely inspired by our Mandarin side Pastor Li Qiang! It seems incredibly fitting in light of all the things happening in the media/world/our neighbourhoods/lives. We’ve spent the past couple of weeks at church exploring some things already, and will continue to embark on seeking first His Kingdom this year.

Why do we have themes in the first place? What are the point of themes? I had once asked Bert. The purpose of these annual themes is to give us a vision and direction of where our church should be heading. It becomes BCEC’s prayer for the year, starting the year with direction which points to God, and ending the year reflecting on the things learnt (hopefully) from that set annual theme.

So for 2016, “His Kingdom Come” is BCEC’s theme and prayer: may His Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. It’s exactly that, the Lord’s prayer. And may we all seek first the Kingdom of God, together this year.

Oh, and a dear sister in christ, in our congregation, shared on her Facebook a collection of all the old themes in previous years. And wow, I must say, it’s pretty good stuff! Unfortunately her photo archive does not proceed 2009, but that’s still cool too. Anyway, I thought I’d share them here with you all to enjoy 🙂

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