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Church Lunch Sunday this coming Sunday!
After service this Sunday, we’ll be having this thing called “Church Lunch Sunday”! Bring your own lunch, and join us downstairs after service, for a longer time for us to hang out together as a church family, get to know each other better, and spend a good Sunday afternoon together.

Sunday 27 November
After English Service 11:30am/12pm, downstairs cafeteria area of AUEA
Things to bring:
–  Own packed lunch,
–  drinks,
–  snacks to share?

If you forget to bring a packed lunch, fear not, there is a Tescos metro not too far from AUEA, as well as a Costa Coffee that do take out.
Please feel free to invite friends and let others know about this Sunday lunch!

Oh and one more thing, we also have fundraisers tomorrow after service during the Church Lunch Sunday time: more soap for sale, hair cut fundraiser and a fundraiser photoshoot. More details can be found in our previous fundraiser email.

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