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As of Sunday 2nd September, we’ll be adding a NEW evening service to our church! We will have TWO English congregation services at the BCEC Central.

Sunday Morning Service:
Time: 9:45am – 11:30am (ish)
Location: BCEC Central, 14 Upper Gough St. Birmingham. B1 1JG
Extra info: Sunday school and creche available.

Sunday Evening Service:
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: BCEC Central, 14 Upper Gough St. Birmingham. B1 1JG


FAQ About The Two Services:

What’s the difference between the two services?
The morning service will have a Children’s Sunday School and Creche available, and the service is held in the morning, starting at 9:45.
The evening service will start at 18:30.

Everything else will be basically the same! Same sermon, same speaker, same worship, same structure and flow. The biggest difference is it now offers a new opportunity to bring friends who couldn’t make it to the morning service.

Do I have to go to one service only?
No, we don’t mind you going to both morning and evening services. But we want to remind you, that both morning and evening services will be the same as we start out.

Do I have to commit to going to either morning or evening service? 
No, we don’t mind if you go to morning one week or the evening service another week. It’s great that you can still come and worship at the BCEC! If you want to experiment and see which one you like best, by all means! We may ask some of you to commit to one, so we can have a stable start in the beginning.

Why have you decided to add another service?
To really reach out and transform a city, and to bring the gospel to more people, the quickest way to do that is by planting. And starting a new service is our active opportunity to share God’s love with more people.
As our congregation has grown, we’ve also noticed that it’s easy for people to get lost. We believe that our God desires a relationship with us, and wants us to be in connected relationships with one another. That means getting to know people better. Two smaller services, allows all of us to invest more in people, reach out more, and make sure people don’t get lost.

Does two services means twice the work-load?
Truthfully speaking, yes it does. But we believe God will spur hearts to service and provide more hands to get involved. It means worship team or welcome team have to have more people on board to serve. But we see this as a great opportunity for spiritual growth. If God puts it on your heart to step up and serve here at the BCEC, let us know by commenting on this blog post!

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