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Spring is finally here! And to mark that, Pancake day is upon us as of this Tuesday! And by default, the Lent season begins the following day, on Wednesday 6th March. Lent marks the 40 days prior to Easter Sunday, a period of fasting, or focusing our time on God.

And so I thought it’d be really good to get the whole church (particularly the English congregation) to come together and explore the Psalms. And not only so, but to have focused prayers based on that Psalm.

Each Sunday for the next 7 weeks, we’ll introduce a certain Psalm to focus on for that week. First we’ll read the Psalm together at church. Then during the week, we’ll go through the Psalm again personally (or within your own families), reading and meditating on the Psalm by letting it marinade and simmer, chewing on the words. Each day there will be certain aspects of the Psalm to focus our prayers on, such as on praying for 3 specific people, the church, or the world.

The aim is to really let God speak to us directly through the Psalm each day or each week, individually and collectively as a church. And not only so, but to explore what it means to pray scripture in bringing God the most glory, and to allow us to be even more creative in our prayer life.

Here on the Pastoral Team, we’re praying for God to really use this lent season to speak into your spiritual life, for your prayer life to go deeper in the Lord and for God to really impact you so you can have more stories of God’s faithfulness! We’d love to hear from you if you experience something beautiful during this season of Lent!

Grab your paper copy at church today! (A5 format, or large print A4 for those who need it!)
Or download your PDF version here!

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