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Ansy: I’m so tired of fighting.
Ben: Fighting? We’re not fighting.
Ansy: I’m so tired of fighting my corner in this heated debate
Ben: it’s called having a healthy discussion…

This is how Ben and I decided, maybe we should start a podcast, where we have these, what he calls “healthy discussions” but what I call “emotionally taxing heavy debates”. But all seriousness aside, it’s mainly chats where I win the argument (or do I?) Where normally when Ben and I go off on one, Bert would say “I’ll let you guys deal with it yourselves, I don’t mind either way” (basically, letting us fight to the death until one of us comes out alive).
We figured maybe we should do a podcast together: recording our conversations, disagreements, discussions, arguments, debates or whatever you want to call it. Whatever we find ourselves discussing or bickering over, and what does the bible say about the matter? How does it relate to us? What can we learn and glean from such discussions?

And so our first podcast, Episode 1: A Healthy Discussion, stemmed from this. Mainly because of the below comic Ben sent to me. A wonderful picture of two junior pastors who like to engage in these exchanges.

Is it ‘really’ that entertaining though? We’ll let you decide for yourselves when you listen in.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all violent or aggressive, not always anyway. They are mainly friendly fire exchanges. And occasionally I’ll whip out a “I’m telling your wife” deal breaker card. But the majority of the time, these debates are quite comical and can provide some form of entertainment (or we can let you decide for yourselves when you listen in!). And so we thought we’d make it available in the form of a podcast, to bring entertainment value, with some theological elements for you to listen at home during this time of lockdown and screen-fatigue.

But we would love for you to help! Aside from listening (and taking my side), please send us your questions, either recorded via WhatsApp audio sending it to anyone on the pastoral team, or you can email the questions through to us at And let the A/B Side mixtape of discussions begin!

Happy listening, and stay safe!

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