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Please help us by filling out this survey.

Hi Brothers and sisters, as you guys know the UK Government has started to talk about loosening and easing lockdown restrictions for places of worship and churches and they will be announcing more in the coming days.
But we also know that some of the restrictions that they have suggested already, would be things like no singing and also social distancing measures in place of one plus metre.
Now of course, in our church premises that would be quite hard to do, and of course the form of what worship would look like would be very different.
So, we’re still not making any firm decisions on when church might resume in 14 Upper Gough Street, and we’re still asking you to continue to help us keep that in prayer. In the meantime we’ll still be keen to have worship online using the platform, and also having our LifeGroups online.
As we learn more about how the government and how the nation is faring with the battle against COVID-19, we’ll continue to make adjustments along the way. But what would really help us now during this time is also if you would help fill out this survey, which will just give us a little bit more information about how you’re feeling about our return to a church premise for worship.
That’s also give us an update on how you are doing as well. And so, our church can be better prepared to know how to serve and minister to you as well during this time.
So if you could please fill out that survey that would really help us a great deal in terms of gathering data for making a good approach, back to when we and how we will resume services that. Thank you very much. And again we continue to ask you to keep praying for one another, caring for one another and blessing one another.
See you guys soon.

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