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We’ve heard this term used so often in Christian circles. We’ve sung songs plenty of times with this word in. But most of us don’t work in the building or architecture industry and we so may not fully understand what exactly is a cornerstone.

A cornerstone is a type of stone that is typically used to set out the direction, a stone that’s placed on the corner. It helps orientate you to know which direction the building is to be built.  It’s the foundation stone that sets all the other stones in place. Sometimes engraved with “in memory of” or “dedicated to” or “laid by the Queen” in dedication to the purpose of the building and structure.

When we relate all this to what the bible says, and how Peter wrote in the First book of Peter, the “Cornerstone” is Christ. The very stone that provides stability, strength and support. That He is the one who was laid down first. He is the one that sets our direction in life. He is the one that gives us purpose in our living and building. He is the one that had engraved with nail scars on His hands. He is ultimately the one takes the place of honour as our foundation and provides security and stability in our life.

This new season, this new year, we will be exploring this. what it means to really build on Christ, our Cornerstone. To explore what it is we’re building upon.

Sure, church is shifting and changing, church may not be a physical building, but we know it’s the people that make a church a church. We may not be currently gathering physically as a congregation, fellowshipping physically, or worshipping together. But that shouldn’t stop us from still turning to Christ as our cornerstone, and all the more we should turn to Him to orientate us in providing direction, so we all as part of our church can be anchored in Christ. It’s an exciting thing, building on Christ our cornerstone, focusing on the core foundation of truth. And we simply look forward to where Christ will lead us this coming year as we continue to build stronger on the Cornerstone which is Jesus Christ.

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