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Advent is a season where we as a church focus on Christ coming into the world born as a baby in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago. From the first Sunday of Advent, all the way up to Christmas day, we are encouraged to remember and anticipate. In remembering how our saviour stepped into our world of darkness to be our light, and how he lived a remarkable life and died with arms wide open for you and I. And in anticipating Christ’s returning, as promised in the scriptures. So let’s not do Christmas without Christ this year.

Let’s end this year focusing on how our Lord and Saviour is so magnificent to save, bringing us joy, joy, unending joy.

 Those who have been ransomed by the Lord will return.
    They will enter Jerusalem singing,
    crowned with unending joy.
Sorrow and mourning will disappear,
    and they will be filled with joy and gladness.
–Isaiah 35:10

As with most things in 2020, we did not foresee such a tremendous year of challenge in the midst of a pandemic. However this should not stop us from coming to God, rejoicing and experiencing His tremendous joy. All the more reason to spend more time with God this Advent season, through His Word.

We’ve taken the liberty to put together devotional material to encourage all our brothers and sisters in our church community to read along together. Our prayer is that you too can experience an unending joy and find refuge through His words, knowing that sorrow and mourning will disappear, and instead be filled with joy and gladness as the year 2020 ends.

We’d really love for you to embark on this season of Unending Joy with us, and we’re excited for how God will move and speak to all of us through His Word.

There are several versions to download to best suit your preferences:

PDF Version: 
Ideal for large screens such as tablets or computers.

ESV pdf 2020-Advent-Devotional-ESV.pdf (218 downloads)
NLT pdf 2020-Advent-Devotional-NLT-1.pdf (129 downloads)



PDF Large Print Version:
Ideal for those wanting basic text, no frills and formatting.
Great for tablets or computers.

ESV pdf 2020-Advent-Devos-ESV-LARGE-print.pdf (122 downloads)
NLT pdf 2020-Advent-Devo-NLT-LARGE-print.pdf (90 downloads)


Printable Booklet Version:
Ideal for those who want a paper version, to print out at home on A4 paper.

ESV printable 2020-Advent-Devotional-ESV-printable.pdf (78 downloads)
NLT printable 2020-Advent-Devotional-NLT-printable.pdf (67 downloads)


EPub (eBook) version:
Ideal for mobile phone users or tablet users who want to adjust the basic text size, no frills and formatting, while also taking notes via their devices.

ESV EPub 2020 Advent Devotional Ebook ESV (96 downloads)
NLT Epub 2020 Advent Devotional Ebook NLT (55 downloads)



Special thanks to Henna Tan, HennaInks for the lovely artwork and calligraphy!
And an additional thanks to Dan Li for helping with ensuring we could have different translations of this devotional!

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