Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.

1 Timothy 4:13

In the few days before Easter Sunday, we’ll be holding a 72-hour non-stop reading of the Bible, from Genesis through to Revelation. We’ll start at 09:00 on Maundy Thursday, and finish (hopefully) just in time for our Easter Sunday service at 10:00 on Sunday. Whether you want to read all night, or just listen throughout the day, it’d be great if you can join us in proclaiming the word of God.

You can watch the stream live on YouTube, starting at 09:00 on Thursday 1st April here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really read the entire Bible in 72 hours?

Yes! Even if we run over a little bit, the important thing is that we’re reading the word of God. In the event that we aren’t quite finished in time for our Easter Sunday service, we’ll take a break and continue when the service ends.

Are you really going to read all night?

Yes! If you’re a night owl, please do sign up for those middle-of-the-night slots (I’m looking at you students!)

How will this work?

Up to three readers/households will be connected to a Zoom call in hourly slots. The Zoom call will be streamed to YouTube for people to watch/listen live. You don’t need any technical skills: everything will be taken care of behind the scenes.

It’s up to the three readers/households to decide how they divide the readings.


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