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Following on from the fantastic impact of WWG : Walking With God, the BCEC has added it’s first expansion pack. WWG : God’s Mission + You. The first WWG, set the foundation for your spiritual walk, helping you learn how to walk with God, hear His voice, read His Word, and provide solid basic discipleship foundation.

And knowing that there’s still so much more to share, we’ve put together a short course called WWG: God’s Mission + You. . It will be four taught sessions with practicals and smaller group connections in-between. The exact dates haven’t been set yet, but we hope to launch in mid-June.

If you’re interested and would like to be contacted before the course launches, sign up here.

The four sessions are titled:
1. His Kingdom Vision
2. Royal Priesthood & Citizens of Heaven
3. Fishers of Men
4. Body of Christ

In each session we’ll explore those topics, and then assign practical applications to be shared along the way. We really look forward to seeing how God uses this to stretch your faith, build you up, and solidify your identity in Him!

We’re preliminarily planning for the sessions to run on the following Sundays from 1:00pm – 2:30pm.
1. 20th June 2021
2. 27th June 2021
3. 11th July 2021
4. 25th July 2021

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