Hope you had a great Christmas this year with your beloved friends and family after last year’s quiet Christmas. It’s currently the period in between Christmas and New Years where we’re not 100% sure what day it is, and every day is confusing because they all merge as one long holiday where all routine is non-existent! We’re not sure if the bins are scheduled to be collected today? Or is it tomorrow? Are certain restaurants and shops open today? Should we check? Even search engines aren’t so sure.

But as always, during this end of year season, I don’t know about you, but I like to embark on an end of year reflection time, to process the year gone and prepare for the next year ahead.

We’ve published an end of year reflection sheet for you to use, suitable to use in a small group setting, or for personal journal reflections: either writing on the sheet, or for the wordsmiths — you can write up at length in a journal of your choice.

The wonderful thing about journalling and tracking is to look back next year at this years reflections, and through time you have a lovely collection.

I do hope you find it helpful! Happy New Year!

Download here:  End-Of-Year-Reflection-2021 (135 downloads)

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