Sharing Christ & Sharing Life
In the process of life, God continually refines us so that we might reflect His glory. His church works to encourage, accompany, express God’s love & grace, challenge, and build up one another as mutual followers of Christ.

The purpose of the LifeGroups are to be communities of grace – willingness to share, encourage, trust, and grow into accountability. These groups will hopefully be something that people commit to.

These LifeGroups are a place for brothers and sisters committed to growing in Christ, to find a place to develop spiritual relationships and encouragement. They are groups where we actively practice the grace of God, the encouragement to walk on, and the joy of fellowshipping in Christ.

CARE (Fridays)
Facilitator: Ashley

CnS (Women’s group)
Facilitator: Junny

East Birmingham
Facilitator: Hoi Fei

North Birmingham
Facilitator: James & Christina

Facilitator: Steve & Jing

Town (Jewellery Quarter)
Facilitator: Ansonia

Town (Chinatown)
Facilitator: Yang Bong

Facilitator: Raj

University LifeGroups (CORE)
CORE Girls
Christina / Edwina