Reflections, Announcements, & Updates from the BCEC

BCEC Online Episode 10

This week, as a special episode of the BCEC Online, we’ll be going through a little booklet called My Heart Christ’s Home. As a way to also help the family and kids stay engaged, you can download a little worksheet and colouring page for them. And hopefully you can have some conversations with them over dinner, or before bed about Jesus making a home in their lives too.

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Essay: Does being a British Chinese Christian condition me to want to belong?

Written by Ho-Yen Tsang || Image by Frank Zhang, via unsplash.

Does being a British Chinese Christian condition me to want to belong?

True, very true indeed. I would say at the early years, to belong was something that I yearned for. The small town of Irthlingborough is where I live currently and being in the countryside, there isn’t really a Chinese community present. It’s harder to obtain belonging within a rural area and that being a minority felt strange as you feel like an outsider/alien. Not alien in the sense that you look alien, but what you perceive as normal is alien to others and the exact same goes the other way around.  

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A/B Side, our new podcast

Ansy: I’m so tired of fighting.
Ben: Fighting? We’re not fighting.
Ansy: I’m so tired of fighting my corner in this heated debate
Ben: it’s called having a healthy discussion…

This is how Ben and I decided, maybe we should start a podcast, where we have these, what he calls “healthy discussions” but what I call “emotionally taxing heavy debates”. But all seriousness aside, it’s mainly chats where I win the argument (or do I?) Where normally when Ben and I go off on one, Bert would say “I’ll let you guys deal with it yourselves, I don’t mind either way” (basically, letting us fight to the death until one of us comes out alive).
We figured maybe we should do a podcast together: recording our conversations, disagreements, discussions, arguments, debates or whatever you want to call it. Whatever we find ourselves discussing or bickering over, and what does the bible say about the matter? How does it relate to us? What can we learn and glean from such discussions?

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My Spiritual Timeline

Guest Writer: Matt Seiboth

Writing / drawing out my ‘spiritual timeline’ is something that I started doing following a sermon I heard at BCEC titled Spiritual Development Milestones (from 13 October 2013). A spiritual timeline is a timeline of your life, but instead of focusing on key life events – such as your first day at school, the first time you went to the seaside, your wedding, etc. – this timeline focuses on the events in your life where you have seen God at work and which have helped to reinforce your faith.

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BCEC’s Attempt At Online Broadcasting

It was so great to see so many churches exploring new technologies. As we continue to pray for the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and churches try and find the way to continue to provide support for communities around us, we thought it would be good to share how we did things this past Sunday. We are all trying our best to figure out how to use and leverage these different technologies, so this is just to share what methods that we’ve used. If you’ve got ideas be sure to share them as well!

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BCEC’s Action Plan for COVID-19

TL;DR: Love Your Neighbour. Spiritually draw close, Social physically distance. BCEC Sunday Services are online only. Minimize group meetings unless necessary.

Last Updated 19 March 2020

This is the Pastoral Team’s proposal to deal with the rising epidemic of COVID-19. We understand that different members of the congregation will have different feelings and concerns about it, and we hope this document will help the congregation members to know the church’s plans now and going forward.

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