16 ways of developing good bible reading habits

How’s your quiet time/daily devotional/time spent with God and in His word?
Whichever way you want to ask that question, yes, we should invest in time with God on a regular basis. And truth is, many of us struggle. Many of us don’t know which of the many resources to choose (why is there just so many out there?!) I don’t know about some of you, but I really like to see what resources are out there, I like to peruse and check out new devotional stuff, check out old devotional stuff, explore and see which methods work (or which methods I’m not keen on).

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Friday Adventures with Links

Happy Chinese New Year!

After time spent rummaging through clay pots and cutting grass, instead of finding rupees, these are the gems I’ve uncovered for this week!

Top of the list is #1 – a powerful testimony from Nabeel Qureshi and how Christ called him to faith. Powerful and challenging it convicts us to realising Christ calls us to follow Him – no matter the cost.

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