the power of a praying family

I don’t know about you, but my favourite Pixar/Disney movie has to be “Inside Out”. It’s knocked off all the others (and that’s saying something! I mean I loved the incredibles, nemo, monsters inc etc. but still!)
Inside Out, without giving away too many spoilers, was soooooo good. Why? Because it had a huge emphasis on emotions, changes in life and family. The above image shows of one my favourite scenes in the film, and yeah, it was proper waterworks for me, the two times I saw it in the cinema. (Can’t wait for it to be out on DVD now! I predict more waterworks!)

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heart pressing

The question I like to ask people sometimes is this:
What are some things that have been pressing on your heart lately?

Perhaps it’s not necessarily facebook-status worthy for you to share out in the social-media-sphere (or maybe it is but it’s too personal?) But I’m pretty sure everyone always has at least something that has got them thinking about something or someone. Something that occupies your thoughts, either about something that happened, or a current situation, or a concern for the future. Something fills our minds and hearts. It might get you anxious and worried. It might be something you have a tendency to put off until the day before the deadline. It might be uncertainties.

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At the right place, at the right time.

Every Saturday morning, a few of us come together to meet and pray with one another. Sometimes it’s personal prayer requests one of us might have brought to the table. Sometimes it’s petitions on behalf of another person we know who has an ailment, in a difficult predicament, or just requiring prayer. But almost always, we pray for our church, our leaders and ministries and the people attending.
As we met yesterday, the three of us shared and prayed together. It was like every other week. Only this time, someone happened to wander in.

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A Call to the House of Prayer

Yes, this is another church blog post. And yes this time we’re going to be talking about the very generic topic of prayer. As expected with most churches, there will always be a stress on prayer. “What will be so unusual about this blog entry?” I hear you say. Nothing much, apart from the shocking fact that I think, and some others agree with me too, that we as a community of believers don’t pray enough.

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>I was in the 12th grade and the teacher was Mr Hartman. Tall & skinny, like the best latte’s from Starbucks, Mr Hartman was full of energy. The first day of class he had us all say our names and he memorised them instantly. It was like some sort of teacher magic. I was blown away. On top of that he could do mathematical sums in his head– the kind of maths we Calculus students would have nightmares about. Thinking back, he may have simply memorised a set routine and wow his students year in and out. But even more amazing was, although he was a strict and challenging teacher, Mr Hartman taught me to appreciate maths. Not just do the sums but to appreciate the beauty and importance of maths. He helped make maths come alive.

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Our City

So a few of us walked through Birmingham City Centre on Wednesday and prayed for the city. We were ready for any rioting that might’ve occurred. But the city remained calm and little violence broke out that evening. And tonight, the city remains steady but alert.

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By now, you would have read about the ongoing riots all over the UK: Tottenham, Hackney, Croydon (London Boroughs), Birmingham city centre, and possibly even more cities and neighbourhoods still to be affected after I’ve written this post. And no doubt, we all have our opinions on how the police force has handled things– whether they are fair or corrupt, helpful or useless, empowered or helpless.

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I went to the doctor last week (finally!) to get some antibiotics for my long lingering cough. And yes, I’m nearly to the end of my antibiotics course (1 more to go!), and my cough is still as persistent as ever. My son also went to the doctor as he’s had a cough for a few months now, and the doctor gave him nothing. My friend went to A&E because of an injury. He told the doctor about his allergy to codeine, and the doctor still gave him painkillers with a large amount of codeine in it. And my friend ended up coming to my house and vomiting.

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