iD commitment

So with the summer long gone and with school having been going on for a few weeks now… We find ourselves in the heart of autumn.
Autumn brings about a lot of changes for some of us. The changing colours of falling leaves; central heating is turned on; it’s getting darker earlier; or some people finding themselves in new jobs; some that have started primary school/high school/college/university or bible school [yep, the latter is me!]; new transitions of saying goodbyes and saying hellos… Sometimes we don’t always know how to deal with transitions, but I shan’t go there, as I’ve blogged about that before.
But what I do want to blog about this time, is what’s going on in the land of iD, our youth group in the English side of the BCEC.

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iD: My Story

Last weekend, iD, our youth group here at BCEC, had an incredible retreat. The theme was “My Story”, and we looked at three things:

1. We looked at how God has helped people in the Bible (as it turns out, a lot of Biblical characters have awesome stories, but we looked mainly at David);
2. We looked at how God has helped us personally with our own struggles and lives as a whole;
3. And we looked at what to do with our stories (which was to share them with others).

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Small Group : CARE

20:00 Friday@BCEC
Contact Larry

CARE is primarily a group of young parents who meet up to share in fellowship with other people in a similar life stage. A group that’s warm, caring, and open with one another, it provides a solid place to develop firm relationships as we continue to learn how to love God with more of our hearts, as well as love our neighbours and families. We meet weekly in a different members home.

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Small Group: Roots

19:00 Thursday@Someone’s House
Contact Kiet

Roots is a great mix of young professionals that meet up weekly to share with one another and spend time together with God. We meet on Thursdays, where we gather in one of our homes, share a meal together, and then spend time worshipping, sharing in God’s Word, and then praying for one another.

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Small Group : Firelight

18:30 Thursday@Rebecca’s
Contact Rebecca

Firelight is a group of university students and young working people. They dig deeper into the Bible and explore their relationship with God, applying what they learn to their lives as young adults and students in Birmingham. They meet every Thursday to share a meal together before jumping into discussions and sharing.
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Small Group : SEEDS

19:00 Thursday@BCEC
Contact Stephanie

SEEDS cares for students in Birmingham through meeting up regularly. The group is a mix of cultures and languages, and provides a safe and friendly place to explore spiritual issues. The group consists of students from all 4 universities with a mix of local and international students from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Group aims to achieve a sense of belonging to a ‘family’ to provide a relaxing yet nurturing and supportive environment so members can feel a sense of belonging to this ‘happy family away from home’.
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Small Group: Foundations

19:30 Tuesdays@Sam&Mike’s
Contact Mike

Foundations is the perfect group for you if you’re just beginning to explore Christianity, or if you’re trying to discover who God is. A group of people from different lifestages, but with a common goal of learning more about God, this group meets on Tuesdays for dinner first, before heading into a deeper look into who Jesus is.

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Small Group: CNS

20:00 Mondays@Someone’s House
Contact Junny

CNS (caring and sharing) is a group of women from various life stages. From university students, to mothers, this group of women meet together to share in their journey with God, as well as love and support one another. A great group that helps women from all walks of life to know more of God in their own lives and in the lives of others.

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