Evening Service Pause

From July 28 – August 25, the BCEC English congregation will only be having One service each Sunday. The Evening Service (6.30) will resume in September.

This gives the church an opportunity to cross-mix across congregations, whilst University students are away, and people take their various holidays. It also gives the staff a chance to have a bit of a break.

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BCEC English Retreat 2016

At BCEC, we’ve been exploring a lot about our roles in our families, workplaces, schools, community, church and kingdom lately. I’m not entirely sure we can say we’re all experts and we’ve got it all sussed. But the good thing is, we’re exploring it, and seeing what it says in the bible about it, and trying to apply it to our lives.This year our BCEC English Retreat will be focusing on the 2016 church theme of seeking “His Kingdom Come”.

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