The Year In Review

Usually, in-between Christmas Day and New Years, I always tell myself I’m going to schedule some time for personal reflection about the past year. But I find I never get around to it. So today at the BCEC, we spent some time personally and corporately reflecting on our past year. I used these 8 questions as guidelines for thought, and encourage you to make some time to go through them as well:

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Noah’s Ark

This year at the BCEC, we’ve set off on a journey through the Old Testament, and no longer have we cast off from shore, then we arrive at the story of Noah’s ark. On one hand it’s a story of God’s judgement, and on the other hand it’s a picture of God’s mercy. And it’s that dichotomy that can make it difficult to wrestle with – especially when we try to engage with it in a logical, grown-up manner.

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