Here at the BCEC we really believe in Loving God and Loving our Neighbour. We like to encourage this in all aspects of our worship, all ages, and we pay particular attention to youth work, as these are some important formative years for teenagers in our church.

We have a Youth Group 3:16, with the goal of helping teens two fold, to help the teen grow to
(1) Love God: in helping their relationship with God to flourish on a deeper and personal level, and helping them explore and discern their purpose and calling in life;
(2) Love our Neighbour: in demonstrating God’s love throughout all relationships, be it with family and friendships, all in preparation for their next stage in life, wherever God leads the teen.

We currently meet online for games, fellowship, bible study and prayer.
Online 3:16 Youth Group is suitable for those at high school age.

For more information please contact Bert Han.