Birmingham Chinese Evangelical Church began in the early 1990s under the direction of Reverend Frank Cheung. It was initially founded to work with the Cantonese-speaking community in Birmingham (often meeting in restaurants), before relocating to Upper Gough Street in central Birmingham.

Both Mandarin and English language services were added to reach the increasing mainland Chinese and British-Born Chinese populations of the city. As the church has grown, we’ve taken on more members of staff, so that each congregation has a full-time pastor.

The BCEC is a great place to discover more about God, and meet lots of different people. We hope your time at the BCEC helps you discover your purpose and calling, and the joy of knowing and following God.

There are also a variety of groups that meet throughout the week in each of the three languages. You can find more information about the Mandarin and Cantonese ministries on their websites

See our What We Believe page for for our statement of faith.