Reflections, Announcements, & Updates from the BCEC

Why Does The Great Commission Matter?

Every year in the area I grew up, OMF (Overseas Mission Fellowship) would host a missions conference for churches to keep up on the Christian work happening around the world. Even in the children’s program the focus was on missions. We’d hear missionary stories, learn about different countries, and fold origami or weave African baskets. And so I thought the Great Commission meant traveling to far-off places and coming back with stories about witch-doctors and miracles.

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Upcoming Events

This Sunday (7 June 2009), the BCEC will be holding a Great Big Tea Party! Open Doors UK encourages churches each year to hold a Great Big Tea Party in support of Christians around the world who are being persecuted in their faith. This year their focus is on India and the plight of thousands of Christians whose homes, churches and lives have been destroyed by Hindu extremists.

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Exploring Community : Church

“It is not about building our own empire. It’s about taking the power of the Holy Spirit and living a life where we are witnesses in Judea, Samaria, to the ends of the earth.”

That line from Alex’s sermon stands out so clearly. I remember the first time I realised that church was not a singular unit in a moment of time, but rather a living body that transcended time, and drew it’s leadership and direction from Christ itself. It was at that moment where I realised that Jesus was not born during the Roman Empire — the Roman Empire was raised for the arrival of Christ. The coming of Christ is the singular point by which all of history is defined!

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Exploring Community : Active

So a year ago, I went out and bought WiiFit. Part of me believed that somehow by purchasing WiiFit, I’d become more proactive in exercising and keeping myself in shape. It was like how people get gym memberships hoping that the cost would somehow encourage them to have a more active lifestyle.

The thing about WiiFit is that it helps you set targets, and encourages you to meet them. In fact it keeps track on whether you are using it everyday. So if you missed a few days here and there, the little animated WiiFit board would say, “I’ve missed you,” or “Haven’t seen you in a few days.” A subtle guilt-ing to hopefully inspire you to inaction.
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Looking Ahead

There area a few upcoming events that you might be interested in.

Start your day deliciously. 🙂 This Saturday (16 May), we’re having a Prayer Breakfast @ BCEC from 9-10.30am. Drop a comment here or get in touch with Sam Ho for more details. As our church continues to grow in our love for the Lord, praying with one another with one of the best ways to help each other grow in that love of God. Definitely come and join us. 🙂

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Exploring Community: Brother’s Keeper

This past Sunday, Pastor Bert shared about being our “brother’s keeper.”  It was quite an emotional sermon which left Pastor Bert and  many within the congregation in tears.  I think Pastor Bert really shared the weightiness of the love that God desires of all His people.  There is a truth that, when you love, you give of yourself and you risk being hurt.

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Exploring Community: BCEC


Do you think the internet has brought us closer together or driven us further apart?

I have to admit, I’m an unadulterated fan of the internet. It’s my home away from home. Friends and loved ones may be scattered over four continents, but we can keep in touch via a constant stream of text and photographs on e-mail, instant messenger, facebook, twitter and RSS. Relationship as pure information – it’s almost a substitute for the real thing. Well, almost. There’s nothing quite like meeting in person. And so if anyone I know and love passes through, there’s the obligatory trip to Starbucks (or an equivalent), the ordering of favourite drinks (mine’s a waffle melting over a mug of hot water), the hugs, the asking after mutual friends, the prayers for one another, the retelling of special occasions. And I go away feeling that the internet still can’t substitute for human flesh. Read more on Exploring Community: BCEC…

Love Your Neighbour

This past Sunday we had the privilege of having the General Secretary of the Hong Kong Bible Society, Dr Mary Leung come and share with us.

Born in Hong Kong, educated in Canada with Master of Social Work degree, Dr. Leung was a professional Social Worker for over 2 decades in the area of psychiatric social work, counseling, family service and administration before joining HKBS as General Secretary since 2006.  She is a welcomed speaker in Hong Kong on family, parenting, depression, mental health/clear conscience, social concern and loving one’s neighbors etc. from a Biblical perspective so as to remind audience to read the Bible for themselves; make a habit of it and allow the Bible’s truth to transform lives.  She had also completed her Doctorate in Education in citizenship and moral education, from the University of Technology Sydney.

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The Lord Is Risen!

I turn 35 today. I like to describe it as halfway to 70. And while I was away at MEC, Phan discovered that she could buy jeans for me at Gap Kids.

So yesterday I was at Gap Kids buying jeans for myself. Apparently i’m a Husky 13. Turning 35 and buying jeans at Gap Kids is a rather humbling (though i used the word humiliating) experience. But as I was trying these jeans on, i kept asking myself, why should I be humiliated? I mean, i’m getting jeans for half-price, and they actually fit me, and i won’t be dragging my jeans through the rain anymore — but still part of me — my pride — refused to let go of the fact that I was shopping for men’s clothing in a boyswear department. (I bought them in the end. And yes, they fit.)

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Exploring Community: Grace

Bankruptcy.  Two types exist: temporary or permanent bankruptcy.  The first assumes, often foolishly, that you are able to lift yourself out of your dire position.  The second acknowledges that nothing more can be done and all is lost.  As humans in our spiritual quests, Pastor Bert highlighted on Sunday, we tend to choose the first option and claim that we just need Jesus to give us a jump-start in life.  We are not as spiritually bankrupt as everybody says we are and we can still revive ourselves by our own strengths. Read more on Exploring Community: Grace…