Connecting in a community

It’s been 2 months since we’ve moved into AUEA. A lot has happened since we moved in!
But today when I saw Chris (our lovely building manager who helps open up and set up the place for us… he’s usually sat in reception ready to help when most people come for service! yes that guy!) I said to him animatedly “You were in my dream recently!” “Oh, I hope it was good!”and I proceeded to explain to him, I was just walking into church on Sunday, and I saw him and a few others having a board-room style meeting in their reception area, and he laughed. I said “It’s official. If it’s in my subconscious now, that we’re here for church each week… It’s official! We’ve moved in!” and then we both laughed and went off our merry ways to do the tasks we were meant to do.

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CORE 2015 Freshers events!

New uni student at Birmingham? Back for another year of uni?
Come join our Fresher Events after the English Service (starts 9:45am); make some new friends and have some fun!

After BCEC Sunday, join us as we grab lunch together then explore the city together. We’ll show you the good stuff, the new stuff, and the tasty stuff in Birmingham. Then we’ll go hang out at fellow Uni Students flat. There’s no better way to spend a Birmingham afternoon.

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Missions Month Week 2

So I sit down on my comfortable sofa and I grab the remote, switch on the telly and I start channel hopping. I finally find something good to watch, and although I’ve missed about 15 minutes of it, that’s ok. Oh, the adverts have started now, “That meerkat advert is so annoying” I think to myself. So then I wait patiently for it to finish, only the next advert comes along, and it’s showing an overtly starving and malnourished child, looking at me, and sure, you know where this is going “Every year hundreds of people die of drinking unsafe water” “Please donate £3 a month”, “It could help provide water purifying tablets for 10 families”…
Now you and I know what type of adverts these are. These are the sad TV ads pleading with you, the viewer, for help, to donate money. It has sad music, shows footage that really gets to you, and has a sad narrator voice asking you to donate and support their charity. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I switch channels maybe after a few seconds of seeing the poor child, pretending I didn’t see anything. Sometimes I’ll go off and grab my dinner from the microwave. Sometimes I’d just watch it and switch off mentally, not letting the visuals or words penetrate my heart. Why do I do this? Do other people do this too? Is it just me?

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Missions Month Week 1

There’s a famous line to a song which I know we’ve all sung in the past
“I’m coming back to the heart of worship and its all about You, its all about You, Jesus.”
We sing that it’s all about You, all about You, Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. Is it though?
Is our faith or what we believe in, a very personal thing? A private thing? Something we should keep quiet about for fear of offending others because it’s politically incorrect to talk about what you really believe in, deep down inside? Do we really need to live life fearing what other people think about us? Worried their view of us might change if suddenly we appear to be a “Jesus freak”? And with this in mind, perhaps it shifts from “it’s all about you, all about you” to “it’s all about me, all about me….” Is my faith just all about me? Keeping all the good stuff to myself?

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So many of us are looking for connection, belonging, and clarity about our lives. And we spend so much of our time looking for answers in all sorts of places. We consult our friends. Ask our family. We google our questions, and scour the internet for answers. We’re looking for jobs that give us fulfilment, or jobs that just pay the bills. And so often it feels as if we are scurrying around trying to make sense of this life, and in the process often feel so alone.

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