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I’ve know Franki since I was a teenager going to church and youth group, so hearing him share this Sunday about what God has been doing in his family’s life for the past five years in Turkey, has for that moment drawn me away from a self-absorbed world. When I hear of what has happened to this family I am amazed at how God has brought them on a journey of faith, from Hong Kong to Wales and now to Turkey in the face of so many trials and uncertainties. During Franki’s sharing I was reminded of still so many places in this world, shrouded in spiritual darkness and in desperate need of knowing God’s truth and love. People and places steeped in deep and complex influences that makes it seemingly impossible and dangerous for anyone to reach these lost souls.

But at the same time we were also reminded that this is God’s work; it is a battle that belongs to Him, when we receive power from the Holy Spirit to be God’s witnesses, we are able to do beyond that which we could imagine. I know that self and pride are barriers that hold God back from using us effectively; many times I forget that serving Him is not by my abilities or self effort, but by dependence on the work of His Spirit in me – thereby giving pride no ground to stand.

I see that in Franki’s family, God weaves humility into their lives so that He is able to use them to carry out His beautiful plan.

This was a special message outside of our normal series for the year.  You can find the message as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to last week’s sermon directly – The Mission Field in Turkey.

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