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I’ve been meaning to write an app review of OnSong for a few months now. It’s one of those apps for musicians that pretty much changes everything. And for limited time (til 4th feb) it’s free! It’s usually $4.99 which is a real bargain actually. But for free it’s almost wrong!

I <3 OnSong. A few months ago I fell in love with this song called Arms Open Wide. So I grabbed my ipad, opened OnSong, did a search (in OnSong) for the song, looked through the options, and imported it onto my iPad. But the key was too high. So I clicked the transpose slider and had OnSong transpose it to a better key. Then I made all the chords red so I could see it better. After that song, I was so inspired that I started looking for other songs – Jesus Saves, Our God, Enchanted… You name it, and I was searching and scrolling and playing. It’s so fast and so easy. No more precariously balancing a laptop on my piano. No more struggling to change keys. Just the chance to play and practice my favourite songs instantly.

The thing is, OnSong is loaded with even more features.

  • Enter simple lyrics and chords
  • Pull and change song sets fast
  • Flip though your songs
  • Transpose keys with your finger
  • Highlight chords
  • Change font size and style
  • Import songs from the web
  • Share wirelessly with the band
  • Make playlists, export and import song versions

Check them all out at the OnSong Website

Its just an awesome app. Its also universal, meaning there’s an iphone app that does the same thing, but smaller. It’s just so awesome. All I need now is a church budget to get iPads for every worship team member 🙂 (keep dreaming Kay)

But you know what’s even cooler about this app? Jason Kichline, the creator, is making this app free until feb 4th. He’s doing that as an offering to God. To thank Him for an answered prayer. He’d been praying for a young African girl to get an education visa, and it was just approved. And every step along the way God’s hand was evident.

Here’s an email sent out by Jason Kichline explaining his decision to release the product free for a limited time. Keep him and his family in prayer. 🙂

I just found out today around 4:00 AM that my young friend from South Africa has obtained her F1 education visa!!! This has been an answer to prayer and a work in progress over the last few months. I can’t express the amount of divine timing and provision that was required to make this feat possible.

I want to pause and give God glory for what has happened today. I also want to thank everyone whose prayers were with us as we attempted to change this young girl’s life. Throughout the whole process we heard phrases like “this has never been done before”. I love hearing that. It urges me to keep doing exactly that which has been implanted in my being.

As a way of showing my gratitude, I’m giving away OnSong for FREE from now until she arrives sometime on February 4th. Please do your part and spread the word that miracles do happen and lives can be changed. You can also mention that OnSong is FREE.

Please keep my wife and I in your prayers as we make preparations to bring this teenager into our home. We have just moved into a larger house last weekend and are still unpacking, reassembling and arranging furniture. We are also going to be drastically altering our lifestyle now with a baby boy and teen daughter. So we can use all the prayer and support you can offer.

Download OnSong

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