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iD commitment

So with the summer long gone and with school having been going on for a few weeks now… We find ourselves in the heart of autumn.
Autumn brings about a lot of changes for some of us. The changing colours of falling leaves; central heating is turned on; it’s getting darker earlier; or some people finding themselves in new jobs; some that have started primary school/high school/college/university or bible school [yep, the latter is me!]; new transitions of saying goodbyes and saying hellos… Sometimes we don’t always know how to deal with transitions, but I shan’t go there, as I’ve blogged about that before.
But what I do want to blog about this time, is what’s going on in the land of iD, our youth group in the English side of the BCEC.

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At the right place, at the right time.

Every Saturday morning, a few of us come together to meet and pray with one another. Sometimes it’s personal prayer requests one of us might have brought to the table. Sometimes it’s petitions on behalf of another person we know who has an ailment, in a difficult predicament, or just requiring prayer. But almost always, we pray for our church, our leaders and ministries and the people attending.
As we met yesterday, the three of us shared and prayed together. It was like every other week. Only this time, someone happened to wander in.

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Dialoguing like Jesus

We have now finished the Missions month of March here at BCEC. In our Lifegroup we finished the missions pack last night. And it was certainly good to talk and practise telling our testimonies with each other.
Though we’ve finished up on this missions month, it doesn’t mean we need to not think about being missions minded. if anything, I know I need to continue being more about disciple-making.

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Missions Month Week 2

So I sit down on my comfortable sofa and I grab the remote, switch on the telly and I start channel hopping. I finally find something good to watch, and although I’ve missed about 15 minutes of it, that’s ok. Oh, the adverts have started now, “That meerkat advert is so annoying” I think to myself. So then I wait patiently for it to finish, only the next advert comes along, and it’s showing an overtly starving and malnourished child, looking at me, and sure, you know where this is going “Every year hundreds of people die of drinking unsafe water” “Please donate £3 a month”, “It could help provide water purifying tablets for 10 families”…
Now you and I know what type of adverts these are. These are the sad TV ads pleading with you, the viewer, for help, to donate money. It has sad music, shows footage that really gets to you, and has a sad narrator voice asking you to donate and support their charity. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I switch channels maybe after a few seconds of seeing the poor child, pretending I didn’t see anything. Sometimes I’ll go off and grab my dinner from the microwave. Sometimes I’d just watch it and switch off mentally, not letting the visuals or words penetrate my heart. Why do I do this? Do other people do this too? Is it just me?

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Missions Month Week 1

There’s a famous line to a song which I know we’ve all sung in the past
“I’m coming back to the heart of worship and its all about You, its all about You, Jesus.”
We sing that it’s all about You, all about You, Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. Is it though?
Is our faith or what we believe in, a very personal thing? A private thing? Something we should keep quiet about for fear of offending others because it’s politically incorrect to talk about what you really believe in, deep down inside? Do we really need to live life fearing what other people think about us? Worried their view of us might change if suddenly we appear to be a “Jesus freak”? And with this in mind, perhaps it shifts from “it’s all about you, all about you” to “it’s all about me, all about me….” Is my faith just all about me? Keeping all the good stuff to myself?

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