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Each week (hopefully), I’ll put up a few links that I’ve come across that are interesting reads, tidbits of faith, or just fascinating and curious things in life.

First up, a link about Robert Boyle, chemist who came up with “Boyle’s Law?” He grappled with faith, science and doubt.

“Boyle had doubts, but he saw them as the corollary of faith. His doubts moved him to think deeply about Christianity and gave him more confidence. He believed the study of God’s design in nature encouraged greater faith and confidence.”

Next up, on a Christian blog, an atheist comments on a what a genuine atheistic worldview looks like. “We are Atheists. We believe that the Universe is a great uncaused, random accident. All life in the Universe past and future are the results of random chance acting on itself. While we acknowledge concepts like morality, politeness, civility seem to exist, we know they do not…”
A slightly longer writeup about that comment over at theWintery Knight blog.

A few of you might have caught this image of Bible translations I posted up on Facebook. I didn’t realise that Christian webcomics existed. is clever and funny. Definitely gives xkcd a run for its money. 😛

And finally, are you worried about all the information Google is collecting about you (and sharing/notsharing with the NSA)? Be warned, Google’s going to make it easier for people who don’t know you to email you through Google+. Sounds all too complicated? Here are 5 tips from Information Week to help you opt-out of targeted advertising from Google.

And those are my links for this week!

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